Hey, What’s the Big Idea (Part 2)

Phil Vischer is a creative storyteller. Have I already said that? So, after reading the first half of his book, Me, Myself & Bob, I’ve learned a few more things.

1-Vischer is from Muscatine, Iowa. That’s a fun word to say in itself: Muscatine. But do you know where it is? It’s in IOWA! How about that? Creativity flowing from the land of tall corn. And tomatoes and cucumbers, among others things.
2-He grew up in a pretty fundamental, conservative religious home. Maybe that doesn’t shock you, but considering the fact that going to movies was on his family’s list of “deadly sins”, it’s a little amazing that he had the courage to use his God-given gifts to redeem the world of entertainment, of all places.
3-He dropped out of Bible college. Seems like he almost got kicked out, truthfully. Something he’s probably not too proud of, but he doesn’t seem to have a lot of shame about it either. Those days were full of fun and creativity and relationships, and God used it all.
4-He wanted to create the next “Christian Disney.” He had big plans and big hopes and big dreams. Walt Disney was, in fact, one of his heroes. I have to admit I got a tear in my eye as I read the final chapters where he shares what he learned from the relationship that young Walt had with his older brother, Roy. Okay, I was sobbing.
5-Visher’s big business boomed and then had a big bang in bankruptcy court. Fascinating to hear the details. Big Idea today is not the same as Visher’s original Big Idea, but God had a bigger, better story for him. It just took learning a few lessons first.