When You Need A Cheerleader {and God sends a surprise in your email}

I didn’t expect it. {I never imagined she’d read my post.} And I didn’t even know I needed it today. But don’t we all need a little encouragement and a cheerleader to cheer us along the way?

So when I opened my email after the end of a tiring day with twenty-some first graders, I had to blink my eyes a few times to read her comment.


A simple note of encouragement from this heroine of grace? To me?

{And I did a hundred little happy dances in my heart!}

A simple reminder that a small word or act of kindness can mean the world. And surely can we not all afford to offer a word, a wish, a prayer? A word gift wrapped in a bow and given with no strings attached?

Her simple, sweet words inspire me to keep giving.

Because we all need a cheerleader. And God loves to show up in unexpected places.

One thousand thanks to you for making my day, Ann!

{P.S. And thanks, too, Kurt Poole. Go Huskers!}

Counting my gifts today…

#253 a surprising note in my inbox from a sister in Christ

#254 a day home with my kiddos

#255 celebrating our freedoms in America

#256 having a small voice in America

#257 checks & balances to even it all out

#258  learning to love the other party