New Eyes for a New Day

I’ve heard it said that when God closes a door, He opens a window.

For those of us whose political candidate {or party} did not win last night, this is good news to ponder.

I’m looking out my window this morning and asking God to give me new eyes today to see His gifts. He is still on the throne. And that’s all that really matters. No? So, how does He want me to live this new day for Him?

Thank you, Jesus for the gifts outside my window…

#259 The sun is still shining

#260 Flags are still waving

#261 My neighborhood is still peaceful. {How I take this for granted.}

And one more gift! How many days do you turn the corner in your car and discover a hot air balloon landing right in front of you as you peer out your little window to the world? A picture of new grace. Promises kept. Ballooning joy!