Grace Transforming: A Review

Years ago I attended a smaller liberal arts Christian college where I attended chapel services each day. While I grew spiritually there, I honestly remember very few chapel talks. Had I heard the chapel messages given by Wheaton College President Phil Ryken to his student body adapted in this short book titled Grace Transforming, I can almost guarantee that I would not have forgotten them.

This book is brief, to the point, biblically solid, easy to understand, and entirely practical. Ryken explores grace as the heart of the gospel, the high cost of grace, and the depths of what it means to be justified and sanctified. He reminds readers of the power of grace and God’s unlimited supply of grace. He persuades that grace is precious and infinitely kind because the Gospel is endlessly gracious. Ryken backs up each chapter with scripture and then ends with practical application and soul searching questions. He does not preach about grace in an abstract, heady way, but applies the truths of grace personally so that it is truly life changing.

If you read one book this year about grace, this is it. Set your heart free and grow in the Gospel of grace; read Grace Transforming by Phil Ryken.

Note: I am reviewing for Crossway. I love this book.


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  1. Hmmm…sounds refreshing! I am reading Deep and Wide by Andy Stanley. I want to finish it so I’ll stick this in que. Thanks for the recommendation.

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