Comfort Food for Thought

What brings you comfort?

Confession #1: When I think of comfort, I usually think of food. {Could this be why my pants are a little snug these days? *Wink*}

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And if it’s not cake, it’s cookies or carbs or something crazy bad for me. Relate?

Recently I was reminded that God has something to say about comfort.

In fact, He has a lot to say. I just don’t take time to listen, often, or I haven’t slowed down to let it sink in. Really sink in.

I’m excited about slowing down this month and taking a time out to read Romans 1-8 during the month of March. I’ve sent out a shameless invitation for others to join me…and I’m thrilled that I’ve heard from a handful of you wonderful ladies that want to read along and chime in! There is a companion book I’ll also be reading by Elyse Fitzpatrick called Comforts from Romans, and we are all invited to share our thoughts, questions, and encouragement on the Crossway blog where Elyse will be writing each Monday of March. How cool is that?

Confession #2: I’m not quite sure how this is going to work. {Sorry if you are an ESFJ…this is my P coming out!} I’ve laid out some sketchy details in an earlier post. I’d love others to join us too…even if you’re late in the game. {Which you are not since we haven’t even started!} For now, we’ll begin reading the first two chapters starting the week of Sunday, March 3rd, and read two chapters a week until Easter. I’ve wanted to host something like this before, but this is a first for me so if anyone has any creative ideas for the month, let me know. We are all in this together! {cue cheesy High School Musical soundtrack…sorry, couldn’t resist!} Otherwise we’ll just meet up here daily and share thoughts and prayers in the comment section.

I’m excited! I’m praying for God to do great things in our hearts and minds this coming month as He gives us true and lasting comfort in Him. Calorie-free!