A Hidden Glory

{{{Good news! There’s a Reboot Reading Plan that was recently posted on the Crossway blog for us to use this month. Go check it out if you haven’t yet!}}}

How is your Romans Reboot going so far? We’re in Romans 1-2 all week, so if you’re ahead of the game, great. If you’re behind, no worries. If you haven’t started yet, today is a great day to begin. I’d love to hear your comments, so don’t be shy!

Today I’m dwelling on these thoughts from Romans 1:3-4:

Jesus took people by surprise because He looked so…well…like us. He was not what the royal king and political superstar that people expected. He ushered in a totally different kingdom than the one people were anticipating in ancient days. His was an upside-down kingdom where the first would be last, the poor would be rich, and the weak would be strong. This was shocking back then, and if I’m honest, it still shakes me up quite a bit today.

Jesus was descended from David and declared to be God. Mind boggling. Fully human. Fully God. If I were Jesus, I’d want to make a name for myself and flaunt my power. I’d soak it all in and bask in the praise. I’d probably even print t-shirts, pass out flyers, shake hands, kiss babies, and start a huge marketing campaign for Truth.

Good thing I’m not God.

{Make sure you stop by the Crossway Blog this week to see what Elyse Fitzpatrick has posted on Romans 1-2. While you’re at it, stop by Susan’s blog called the M&M Story. Read a snippet of her life story and you’ll see why I have so much respect for this wise women who has been through so much. I’m blessed that Susan is reading Romans with us this month.}

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Romans 1:6-7

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