Loved by God

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{Love notes from Romans 1:6-7}

“You belong.”

“You are loved.”

“You are saints.”

Beautiful words. Powerful truths. They aren’t just Elyse’s words. They are Paul’s words to us because that’s exactly how God sees us in Him.

When I ask myself what does God think of me, do I respond with these words? Today, I’m sitting with these three tiny truths as God’s love letter to me. I’m putting myself back in ancient Rome to realize more and more of what Paul meant. His words are truth for today, but they also have a context of first being spoken to people who were raised in a pagan culture of pleasing, fearing, and worshiping multiple gods. The Christians in Rome had a battle not too unlike mine today. They needed to hear the Gospel, and not the conflicting message of the culture around them that just held them in bondage to their own fears.

I love what Elyse says in Day 4 of Comforts from Romans

“Rather than our failures frustrating him, our sin simply serves to make his mercy more beautiful. We can believe in this love and rest in it, or we can try to figure out what makes him tick and then make a list of rules we need to obey to keep him from punishing us. Either we can believe in his love and welcome, or we can move back to ancient Rome in our hearts.”

Jesus, fill my heart and mind with the truth of how you see me today. Help me to rest in your love. Allow me to receive your precious, priceless love and generously extend it to others.

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Romans 1:6-7

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