The Righteousness of God


{Romans 1:16-17}

Sitting at Starbucks in my happy place. Sunshine, mocha, time, space. I can breathe again.

I’m still recovering from the setbacks of the week. Monday started out great, but then ended as one of those terrible, horrible, no good, very bad days. My oldest was deeply discouraged by the uncertainty of trying out for a new basketball team at his new school in this new town of ours. He already feels defeated. My middle came home profoundly dejected and deflated. He put himself out there yet again at school, took another risk, and lost. Again. “I’m a failure,” he pronounced. My youngest? She’s going through the ups and downs {mostly downs} of building friendships. In her loneliness, sadness, and desire to fit in, she’s not make such great choices. She’ll come out okay on the other side, but right now, she’s experiencing growing pains, and my mommy heart hurts.

Bad news. I hate it. It just about had me coming apart that Monday night, and then I returned home to a forgotten, messy kitchen and a cold dinner that I had cooked but hardly anyone touched. {Sadly, that alone just about sent me over the edge.} I ended the night in tears as my middle boy, not being about to sleep, slipped into our bedroom and begged us to move back to St. Louis.

I needed a dose of good news. {So did my dear hubby, bless his heart.}

How quickly I forget the Good News of Jesus and get caught up in the cares of the day.

I forget the Gospel is the POWER of God. I fall back into living a defeated life. I try to pull up my own boot straps, and then realize I’m not even wearing boots. I am not the master of my own universe. I need Jesus SUPER POWER every day.

I don’t believe. I get caught up in my righteousness and strive for my perfection. I don’t live in the perfection of Christ. Some days, I find it even harder to repent of my self-righteous heart.

And then God graciously wakes me up and gives me new mercies. He reminds me of His faithfulness. His love. His power. He takes what little faith I have and helps me to believe again. Even just a teeny bit.

Finally, my heart begins to melt and I come back to this truth: the Gospel is about repentance and faith. This is the power of God for saving and rescuing my hardened, dejected, proud heart. Slowly, but surely, I’m “relying on the ability of Another.”

And that’s the happiest place of all.

:: Tomorrow ::

Romans 2:6-11

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  1. “He takes what little faith I have and helps me to believe again.” Well said, Kara. It’s really all about Him, isn’t it? Even the faith part. You voiced the process we ALL share. Thanks for reminding us of our own experience…

    1. Thanks Christan…your words are gold. Hey, I’m trying to figure out something…do you get notified when I reply to your comment? Can you let me know if you do? Still figuring this out…aaahhhh….

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