According to His Works

{Romans 2:6-8}

I’m a master at making excuses.

Truthfully, aren’t we all?

God’s love notes to the world are written all throughout creation, though, and Paul reminds us in Romans that we have no excuse.IMG_8960

Excuses come easy. Especially when we want to excuse ourselves from the same judgement we pass on others.

“Do you suppose, O man, O woman, O mom, O wife, O neighbor, O friend—you who judge those who practice such things and yet do them yourself—that you will escape the judgment of God?”

Romans hits me right where it hurts. Ouch.

“He will render to each according to his works.”

My works? The ones I’m always making excuses for? They always fall short, and I never measure up to my own standards or other people’s standards, much less God’s righteous standards. But finally I’m learning that the despair I feel is a God-given grace that leads me to more fully rest in the work of Jesus.

Truthfully, verses 2:6-8 make my head spin a bit. Is this a “do good” passage? The reminder to read them in context of the whole book and the whole Bible is helpful. My big takeaway is to remember that salvation is by works. Just not according to my works but according to His works.

Thank you, Jesus!

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Romans 2:28-29

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