The Praise of God

Father God,

This morning, Romans reveals the struggle of my heart once again. The Jews wanted to prove their right relationship with God by the mere fact that they followed the rules. They looked like believers, so they must be believers, right? But Paul cuts to the heart of the matter, reminding them that it’s not about what they’ve cut on their outside, but it’s what God’s cut away in their hearts. It’s all about the heart.

But I’ve worshiped the unholy trinity of pretending, performance, and people-pleasing. You have been graciously transforming my velveteen life, and you’re still at it. Daily, you are teaching me that it is not up to me. It’s your work, not mine. I want to follow the letter of the law, but you graciously remind me once again that it’s all about your spirit. It’s all about you.

Free me, once again, from the fear of others that so easily entangles me. Forgive me when I make people big and I make you small. Help me to long for your praise, and your praise alone. Remind me over and over again of your approval; because you are well-pleased with your Son, you are well-pleased with me. And that’s enough.

Amen, amen & amen!

{Ladies, how was Week 1 in the Word? I love what Susan had to say and share personally of what her Romans Reboot Week 1 was like. So real and honest and true.  Anyone else want to reflect on the week? Gearing up for Week 2…and it’s going to be good!}

: Tomorrow ::

Romans 3:21-26

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