Upholding the Law

{Romans 3:27-31}

This passage makes my eyes get a little buggy. Law of works? Law of faith? If a relationship with Jesus is by faith, what use is there of the law? Earlier Paul explained how the law is still useful for us; through the law comes knowledge of sin. {verse 20}

I think of it like this. The law is like a mirror. I look in it, and when I look up close, real close, it doesn’t hide my flaws. It shows everything. When I don’t trust God, when I am jealous, when I don’t love my spouse, when I worship lesser things. But the mirror has no power to save me; it only shows me where I fall short.

Faith in Jesus is the only thing that that has saving power. But we still uphold the law, because we need the mirror to show us where we fall short and need Jesus to rescue us. Moreover, Jesus fulfilled the law, so the law serves to point us to Christ.

Every analogy falls short, but this is how my simple mind thinks. How do you explain the relationship between the law and faith?

In Comforts from Romans, Elyse Fitzpatrick also talks about boasting. I’m sitting with those thoughts for a moment. How does boasting play out in my life? In my heart? Am I honest with God? Am I honest with myself? Why do I put more faith in myself than in the Creator of the Universe? Where is the remedy for my hard, proud heart?

I love what she says:

“Only the pride-annihilating message of the cross has the power to destroy our illogical yet intractable faith in ourselves. And only the cross, wet with God’s blood, can free us from our despair-generating (yet always illusive) quest for self-approval, liberating us to commend others and ultimately to praise God. If praising others is difficult, if you’re always seeing their foibles and weaknesses, that’s a signal that you’re still trying to approve of yourself and judging others. If your heart isn’t ablaze with love for Jesus, if you’re wondering if God is after all, really good, as evidenced by worshipful gratitude and zealous praise, this too is a signal that you’re still not free.” {page 48}

O Jesus, make my heart ablaze with your love and free me from my proud heart to live by faith, through faith, and in faith.

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Romans 4:3-8

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