Week 2 Recap

Reflecting on week 2 in Romans, the word “believe” sticks in my mind. Abraham believed, and he received his welcome from God. Through Jesus, our belief in His work alone, no matter how weak or wavering, is where we too find our shalom.

But then life throws us a curve ball. There is a diagnosis, a job loss, a broken relationship, a financial crisis, an untimely death or in my case, even just a long distance move. It rocks our world. And when the rubber hits the road, as deep and real as the pain is, we come to ask ourselves what we know to be true, and here we find our peace when we can still say, even with barely a faint whisper, that I do believe. I believe God is good. I believe He loves me. And I trust His character. I still believe.

:: Tomorrow ::

Romans 5:1-2

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