Weakness & Wrath

{Romans 5:6-8 & 5:9}

Christians are not climbing up Sunshine Mountain, proving that we don’t really need a Savior. Rather, Paul tells us that we are weak sinners, enemies of God whom he has chosen to die for. We are those upon whom God has showered his love. Far from enabling our climb up Sunshine Mountain, this truth cuts our legs out from under us and lays us in the grave from which God must resurrect us with Christ. The truth is that God has had the last word about who we are and what his remedy is, and that word is one that both slays us and makes us alive. He annihilates all our self-confidence by calling us weak, ungodly enemies, and then in our distress he comforts us by telling us that he loved us so much that he chose to die for us.” {Comforts From Romans, pg 68-69}

“The sad and inevitable result of creating a wrathless god is that he will also be a god incapable of deep love. If we don’t see how truly angry God can be, we’ll never know how truly loving he has been. And we’ll always sense that while he may not be really angry, he certainly isn’t ever really pleased either. Stripping God of his anger also strips him of his intense love and welcome.” {Comforts, pg. 73}

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Romans 5:10 & 5:17

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  1. The second excerpt you included from the book… I’ve never thought of it that way. We can delight in God’s love for us because He has such anger toward sin and darkness and lost-ness. It truly is amazing.

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