Reconciled & Reigning

{Romans 5:10 & 17}

“We are completely reconciled with him. This truth frees us from our perpetual feelings of alienation, from having to construct fig-leaf false identities in an endless and vain quest to make ourselves presentable while hoping that no one notices what a sham we are. It makes us able to love others because we have been known and loved.” {Comforts from Romans, pg. 78}

Elyse shares a story of how she confronts her own sin one day after a friend confronts her. Ouch. She tells of how the Gospel changes her response to her friend and more importantly, to herself. Oh…I could so relate to how she use to deal with her sin and only hope and pray that the Gospel would continue to change me from the inside out so that I can grow in grace like Elyse.

“What I’ve gone through today demonstrates how free grace and imputed righteousness actually make me more, not less, able to confront my sin and grown and godliness. Can you see how I’ve been able to reign in my life: no longer crushed by the certitude of spiritual death because of my error, no longer enslaved to sin’s incessant search for an identity outside of Christ, no longer afraid to admit failure or hopeless that I’ll never change, but rather ruling over sin and death right now, in this life, because of the abundant grace of God?” {Comforts, pg. 81}

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Romans 5:19

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