On One Man’s Obedience

{Romans 5:19}

“Be done now with all your stupid efforts to approve of yourself and to look good. Throw them from you! Be revolted by your own goodness and your love of reputation! Shed that old identity the way a snake sheds a skin that’s become too constricting and worn. Lose that tired wineskin and pour the delicious, sweet, intoxicating wine of Christ’s imputed righteousness into your new life. Don’t worry–that new wineskin won’t burst. Dance a lot. Brag a ton about how righteous he’s made you. Show off your new clothes. Be as free as a drunk to look stupid and hop about for joy. Weep over your sin. Rejoice over his obedience.” {Comforts from Romans, pg. 100}

:: Tomorrow ::

Romans 6:1-2 & 6:11

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