Nothing Can Separate Us From God’s Love

{Romans 8:38-39}

From swaddling clothes in a manger to linen burial cloth in a tomb. From angels proclaiming his birth to angels comforting a weeping Mary in the garden. From life to death to life again. Nothing, no, not any sad thing we could possibly imagine, can separate us from God’s love. Because of what Jesus did for us, because of the truths in the first eight chapters of Romans, because the tomb was empty, we’ve finally come to this infinitely comforting truth; not even death can separate us from the heart of God which is forever and always love for us.

Soak in that this Easter and celebrate the reality of His never-ending, never-stopping, always-for-us love. Let’s be changed Resurrection People.


We made it to Easter! I hope these weeks in Romans have been encouraging, growing, and comforting. I have to admit, it’s a challenging book to read “online,” but I learned so many practical things from Elyse Fitzpatrick’s companion book, as well. I’m glad a few of you have stuck in here with me. I’d love to hear your comments either here or on the Facebook thread to know if you’d be interested in doing an online study {book or Bible} again. There’s a few things I would change up, but I’ve loved processing through time in the Word on the blog and knowing that others are plugging through Romans with me. I’ll continue to dwell on these great Gospel truths and good news for a long, long time.

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