the boy and the ocean-a review

Summer is around the corner and I can almost taste it. The salty ocean air, lazy days at the pool, barbeque on the grill, and vacation. May is a lot of things, but best of all, it’s the anticipation of summer.

One of my favorite things to do on vacation is to find books for my children that go along with the theme of our trips. When we visited the mountains several years ago before living in Colorado, we stocked up on “mountain” material. My favorite was reading Hinds Feet On High Places, the children’s version, in between hikes, bike rides, and breathing in the mountain air and fresh evergreens. Somehow it just made this book come alive.

But our favorite place in all the world to vacation is at the ocean. There’s nothing like a week of sand, water, biking, eating, and resting. Recently I discovered a book that I wish I would have had years ago when my boys we younger. It’s all about the ocean, the mountains, the beauty of creation, and God’s amazing, never-ending, always-forever and with-us love.

The Boy and the Ocean, by Max Lucado, tells a simple, sweet story of a young boy as he plays in the ocean, explores the mountains, and gazes at the beauty of the nighttime sky. His parents gently remind him how creation teaches us of the love of God. He learns to discover and imagine and wonder at his big, big God and His big, big love.

Summertime is a time of wonder. If you are taking a trip to the ocean or mountains this summer, or even just camping out in your backyard while gazing at the endless sky, consider reading this charming story that will point your family to the depths and heights of God’s love for you in Jesus.

Note: I’m reviewing for Crossway. I love this book. It makes me miss the ocean even more.