glimpses of grace


Sometimes we are spiritually blind. And other times we are just near-sighted, far-sighted, or simply needing clearer lenses to view what God is doing and who God is.

Glimpses of Grace is for all these times.

I was initially drawn to this book because I could connect with the author’s question of how to live out the gospel when life just feels very ordinary and mundane. Throughout the book author Gloria Furman asks many questions, but her most important ones are, “What does the gospel have to do with our lives in the home?” and “How does this grace change the way we live?” These are questions I wrestle with daily.

She starts by spelling out what the gospel is and isn’t and builds for her readers a theologically solid foundation of the gospel. Then, she continues to flesh out what this gospel looks like in the life of a woman in her home as she cares for people and goes about the very ordinary tasks of living such as dealing with endless amounts of laundry, whining children, and a busy family schedule. Each chapter lays out scenarios of how to live out these truths of the gospel as we care for others, build a home, walk through painful times, work to build friendships, or even just struggle to be content.

I love her writing. She captured me with titles like “Don’t Smurf the Gospel,” “The Bread of Life and Bagels for Breakfast,” and “Does Contentment in Christ Come with a Nap?” Her words are witty, wise, and wonderful. While many times I nodded my head because I’ve heard this before, many other times I nodded because I need so desperately to hear it again and again and preach this gospel truth to my heart.

If you need more than a glimpse of grace–if you need a shower of grace, and a true cheerleader in the faith, then you need to read this book.