A Day of Encouragement

The blog’s been quiet again. I’ve spent the summer {and last year} praying, playing, grieving and growing, and I’m still wrestling through the purpose of this ‘lil blog. I’d love to have some big, grand purpose in my writing like saving the world or feeding starving children in Africa, but so far this little corner of the world has simply turned into a scrapbook of personal thoughts, ramblings, book reviews, photos and stories. I’m learning to process life through words and the Word, and it’s all good. But somedays I still wonder if there’s more.

I’m reading books like Courage and Calling and asking questions like, “What am I made for?” and “What is my art?”

Over the past few months I have observed masters in their field. Chefs. Musicians. Athletes. Artists. While they have all had different goals and motives, I am still in awe and wonder at how they have perfected their gifts and pursued purpose and excellence in their art. I want to do the same. It’s just that, if I’m completely honest, some days I’m a little lost and just need a good dose of encouragement.

One artist in particular captured my heart and soul this past summer. Since today is the National Day of Encouragement, meet me over at {in}courage to hear more and read more of what’s on my mind these days. And why I’m a bit of a circus dreamer.


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