whatever for the glory of god

picstitchSomedays you just don’t realize what you’ve signed up for. We thought we were coming for horsemanship and riding lessons. Instead, they stuck a paintbrush in our hands and said work.

I try not to grumble. {I’ve got watching eyes and a little girl who’s taking notes.} In my heart of hearts, I really want to just say, “Here’s $50 to hire some help. Or at least buy some more paint. This is my afternoon off.”

But seems that we are the help. And God’s got a better plan.

Wax on. Wax off. Are we the Karate Kid? Tom Sawyer, perhaps? No, this fence is barn red, and we are finding some purpose in the crazy, messy plan.

Seems this Barn Blessing is not just blessing our friendly horses and jolly ranchers; it’s blessing the socks off of us.

We dip and brush and cover and color. We are artists transforming this boring brown fence into a colorful masterpiece. Against the backdrop of a brilliant blue Colorado sky, we feel the thrill of a thousand Van Goghs. This matters.

The wind blows hard and I remember again.

Whether you eat, drink, or paint the town–and fence–red, whatever you do, do for the glory of God.

For the glory of God. Whatever.

Especially if it’s barn red.


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