“How was youth group, buddy?” I bravely ask as we’re driving home.

I’m not getting my hopes up. I’m just hoping for more than a one word grunt from my favorite tweener.

“Great! We had a guest speaker. And guess what? She talked about how she had scoliosis and wore a brace for THREE YEARS when she was my age,” he offers. “She said it brought her closer to God,” he adds with a whisper.

He’s an open book, and this was more than I bargained for. My ears perk and we glance at each other knowingly. I’m sure my curvy-spined boy listened intently, wondering if this would be his future, too.

“So, what do you think, son?” I dig deeper. “Do you think it was worth it? Do you think wearing a brace for years would be worth it if it brings you closer to God, too?”

I brace myself for his response. Can he really say, “Whatever” to God’s plans for his life?

“Mom, if I had to choose between a straight back and being far away from God or having to wear a brace and maybe even have surgery for my curvy spine and that would help me be closer to God, I’d take the curvy spine.”

I’m humbled. It’s a pretty big statement and he may change his mind tomorrow or next year, or the day he first gets his body brace, but today, his heart gets it. Whatever it takes, God. I’m yours.

Can we really give up all for the love of God? When the surrender of ourselves seems too much to ask, it is first of all because our thoughts about God Himself are paltry. We have not really seen Him, we have hardly tested Him at all and learned how good He is. In our blindness we approach Him with suspicious reserve. We ask how much of our fun He intends to spoil, how much He will demand from us, how high is the price before He is placated. If we had the least notion of His lovingkindness and tender mercy, His fatherly care for His poor children, His generosity, His beautiful plans for us; if we knew how patiently He waits for our turning to Him, how gently He means to lead us to green pastures and still waters, how carefully He is preparing a place for us, how ceaselessly He is ordering and ordaining and engineering His Master Plan for our good–if we had any inkling of all this, could we be reluctant to let go of our smashed dandelions or whatever we clutch so fiercely in our sweaty little hand?”

-Elisabeth Elliot, The Path of Loneliness


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  1. beautiful quote! Christy Sawyer has been telling me about how she reads and prays Psalm 23 and this reminds me of that Psalm. “Your rod and your staff, they comfort me”.

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