story everywhere

It’s all around me. Story. It’s everywhere now. Have you noticed?

It’s in my shoebox when I go to purchase a pair of flip flops.

storiesIt’s at my local Starbucks. In my coffee.

storyIt’s even at the grocery store. Last week while I was shopping, a voice came over the loud speakers and stopped me in my tracks. Apparently every box on the shelf has a story, the announcement crackled over the intercom. I nearly cracked up. Really? Whatever!

Has this theme of story gone too far, I wonder? My shoes, coffee and pasta have a story? It all seems strange but true. They are non-living things that are connected to living creations that have purpose, dignity, and meaning. Pickles? A story? Tuna? A story? Mac ‘n cheese? A story? Maybe so, I don’t know. Regardless, looks like the world is catching onto a good thing.

The theme of story swirls in my head. God is writing new chapters in our lives. I’m making predictions and connections daily, and wondering what it is that God is up to.

Whatever it is, it’s good. And hopefully a better story than the pasta box on my local grocery store shelf.


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