sole words

IMG_1348It’s football season, and we are in it all the way. What started out with little energetic boys chasing flags around waists has turned into bigger, smelly boys with hormones sporting pads and helmets and gear and guzzling gallons of Gatorade.

And this mama is praying a whole lot more.

I’ve heard it said that when your children are small, you talk about Jesus a lot to them. Then when they are older, you find yourself talking to Jesus a lot about them. So true. Especially when your son plays tackle football.

This season has been challenging for many reasons. There has been a good bit of boy drama, and let’s just say that while it’s different than girl drama, it’s still hard and confusing and frustrating. But the best part? It’s been faith building. My boy’s heart is being shaped daily by the struggles he’s facing on and off the field. He’s learning that while football makes a great sport, it makes a terrible god. He’s learning that with each setback and disappointment, that God is with Him and in the tough stuff of life.

I was surprised recently to discover that he’s put his faith in action in a unique way. He’s tattooed Colossians 3:17 and Exodus 14:14 on the soles of his football cleats. Sole words for his soul. So now I’m praying that these words sink it. That whatever he does, he would play in Jesus’ name, and that he would know in his heart of hearts that God is truly fighting for him.

The lessons he’s learning through these football trials are the best ones yet. Most importantly, he’s owning his own faith and attempting to live it out on the field. He’s realizing that the scoreboard and playtime and starting positions, while still important to him, are not as valuable as the character that is being developed in his heart. It’s not always easy, but it’s worth it. And that makes this football mama’s heart happy.


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