whatever is lovely

sunsetI’m not one to judge a book by its cover. {I wish.}

But aren’t we all? We are all drawn to the good, the lovely, the beautiful. It’s the way we’re made.

Who is not taken by a golden sunset? A glowing harvest moon? The bursting colors of fall or the pure white fresh fallen snow of winter?  Spring buds poking through cold earth and a spectrum of aqua blues against miles of khaki coastal beaches stop us in our tracks and take our breathe away. We are drawn into the art of the world again and again each new season.

When I think of what is lovely, I can think of a car or a building or a machine. A Honda Accord or the Willis Tower or a John Deere Tractor might amaze me, but I explain it, or at least find someone else who can. But a daffodil? A forest of sequoias? Mt. Evans? A meadow lark or a zebra or a flamingo? Creative beauty all pointing to a mysterious Creator.

Here’s the thing. I’m tempted each day to bow down to creations, give them a big, fat capital C, while I pass the Creator of the Universe a rain check for another day. It’s in my nature. It’s in us all.

So what I’m praying these days is that God would change my affections. That each day I would knock on the door of my Creator, get comfy and pull up a chair, and look deep into what is beautiful about Him. That I would dwell on His loveliness. His goodness. Him.

“whatever is lovely…” philippians 4:8


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