whatever is excellent {part 2}

There is still a more excellent way, Paul reminds me.

If I write a beautiful blog post, but I don’t speak a loving word to my teenage son, I am a beeping smoke alarm. A honking horn.

If my theology is studied and strong and sure, and I have faith to climb Pike’s Peak and command it, “Disappear!” but I fail to actively love the marginal, the messy, the misunderstood, I am completely nothing.

I can give all I have to the poor and travel half-way across the world to share Christ or stand on an American street corner for Jesus, but if I can’t even forgive my husband at home or serve my neighbor next door, than I’ve missed the point. What do I really gain?

But God’s love? It’s out of this world. Completely different and so much better.

His love patiently waits and speaks a kind word like a cup of cold water to my thirsty soul.

His love doesn’t puff up like an arrogant dragon or grow green with envy.

It’s not sassy or selfish, resentful or rude.

His love celebrates when a prodigal returns; in fact, He throws a party when I come running back home.

Only God’s love bears the bad news, believes the best, and graces me with wide-eyed hope for each new day. His love never, ever, ever, fails.

“whatever is excellent…think of these things.” philippians 4:8


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