on making art

It’s Day 31 of Whatever.

This has been a month of dwelling on what is good, right, and true and all that jazz. You know the best part of the month? It’s realizing what happens when I surrender to whatever. That the God of peace will be with us. With me. It’s the Great I Am gracing His presence in the present. It’s Emmanuel, God with Us, right here at the end of Philippians. Right here on All Saints Eve. Every day. We are never alone.

artWhen I say “yes” to whatever God asks, when I surrender my mind and take captive my thoughts, when I practice the presence of Christ today, this is God making art in me. It’s His way of transforming my mess into His masterpiece and making a beautiful poem of my life. It’s the little story He is writing in me to tell His Bigger, Better, Greater story. And it’s just the beginning.


whateverI’m writing for 31 Days! Learn more about it here.