what’s new in 2014

The stockings have been hung and filled and opened and now they are begging to be packed away for another year. Christmas 2013 is over, and can I share a secret? Although I love the festive holidays, I relish this time of the year to hit the restart button and start over fresh. The New Year ranks right up there with my favorite holidays, right after Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day and the Fourth of July. For me, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. A time to pack away, organize, clean, and reflect on the past days and the ones ahead.

2012 was the year of rest. 2013 was the year of dwell. This year is a special year for a million little reasons and 40 big ones. It’s not a year for nouns or verbs. This is a year for resolve and for getting real and for the grammar of relationships. This is a year for prepositions. One simple one. In 2014, my heart will dwell on the word “in.”

This is the year to hammer in the truth that if I truly am in Christ, then I really am a new creation and He does truly make all things new. For me. For you. For each day.

It’s a year to chase the gremlins of shame who taunt “More!” with the voice of truth that God is enough in me and there really is no condemnation when I am found in Him.

It’s a year to ask honest questions and to be brave in the waiting, in the wondering, in the wrestling. Like gold foil letters stamped on a invitation, this year calls: Christ in you, the hope of glory.

And 2014, I believe, could be the best one yet.

ps. A new look and a new name for a new year. More to come…



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