Favorite Posts of 2015

Years ago my friends and I would have an Oprah style “Favorite Things” party at Christmastime to exchange gifts. We’d purchase our favorite candies, lip glosses, books, kitchen gadgets, etc, to share with one another. We learned so much about each other as we’d each share the whys and wheres and hows of each item. Today, “My Favorite Things” posts are my all time favorites. {Profound, I know.} Favorite books, favorite gifts, favorite blog posts. It’s a little peek into the windows of people’s hearts and minds.

I haven’t had much to say this year. It’s been a year of listening to my life and learning how to lean into the darkness. There have been some rays of sunlight, as well, but as I’ve listened to the world around me, it’s hard to not get discouraged by the dark. This year, my heart has been torn for my neighbor. Black, white, Christian, Muslim, American, refugee & immigrant. So much injustice and wrong. So much war and evil. But glimmers of light, too, if we take the time to notice and do good. My heart has been hurting this year for how torn our country is over welcoming our neighbor. So my all time favorite post of the year is….Our Syrian Neighbor {Amy Peterson}

As I read it, I was transported to my childhood days of reading Betsy-Tacy books, and while I had forgotten this story, I realized how the stories of our childhood influence and help to form who we are as adults. This made my heart melt and inspired me to keep pursuing good children’s literature that continues to encourage children to love others and do good.

I had other favorites this year as well. You’ll see a noticeable trend, as my heart was wrapped up in stories of immigration, especially.

Here’s a little window into my heart as some of my favorites of 2015:

A Love Letter about Beautiful People & Living & Loving Large in a World with Terrorists: A Movement of #Giftivists {Ann Voskamp}

The world is scary as hell. Love anyway. {Jeremy Courtney}

The Saint-Like Legacy of Mister Rogers {Jonathan Merritt}

What We Learned in 2015 {Emily Freeman}

Tried & True Gift Guide {The Nester}…love any and all gift guides!

There were others, too, for sure. But this is a start.



  1. Thanks for compiling this. I just read the first post and understand why it spoke to you so much. It’s fabulous and thought-provoking, and it marries two things you love so much — immigrants and children’s literature. I look forward to sitting down and reading the others over a cup of coffee. Happy New Year.

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